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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy on Unionization

Our commitment to the part-time faculty and adjuncts – and to all University of La Verne faculty and staff – is to foster a learning environment that is consistent with our core values of community, inclusivity, ethical reasoning and lifelong learning.

Our philosophy on unionization is consistent with our values

  • We respect the rights and opinions of part-time faculty and adjuncts, including the right to choose whether or not to be represented by a union through a secret ballot election free from intimidation or coercion from anyone
  • We believe it is up to adjuncts to choose, or not to choose, to be represented by a union. It is their decision – not the University’s and not a union’s – and we will respect their decision. Consistent with this principle, we will not contest an election, but will embrace it as an opportunity for dialogue
  • We believe individuals considering union representation have the right to be fully informed with accurate information so that they can make a decision that is right for them
  • While the decision about representation should always be up to the individual, we believe having a direct working relationship with the adjunct faculty and all of the University’s community is critical to continuing to improve our collective workplace and quality of employment
  • We are not anti-union.  We are pro-individual rights
Guided by our own high standards and values, we at all times will abide by our state and federal labor laws.