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NLRB Dismisses All ULP Charges

Posted: 4/14/2014 1:02:00 PM

April 16, 2014 - The National Labor Relations Board has dismissed all six of the unfair labor practice (ULP) charges that the union filed against the University — in their entirety.  The Board concluded that the Union’s allegations have no merit. This decision confirms that the University ran a fair and lawful communications effort.

SEIU has the right to appeal this decision.  If it does so, there may be a further delay in counting the ballots that are currently impounded. The University will release a statement on the web site that encourages the SEIU to respect the voters and allow the ballot count to occur now.

The University’s position statement and response to the ULP charges is located on the web site: on the home page from the green box University Urges Vote Count, Denies Union Charges; on the home page in the chronology of Activities and Events dated March 11, 2014 (scroll down to see it), and on the Resource tab, in the NLRB documents page, under Official Filings.

The University will continue to advocate for the votes to be counted and calls on the SEIU to support the counting of the ballots so the adjuncts’ voice may be heard. This statement is also posted under News Room tab.

Read the formal dismissal