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University Calls on Union to Support Vote Count; Files Petition Refuting Charges

Posted: 3/15/2014 4:50:00 PM

March 15, 2014 – The University continues to advocate for the votes to be counted and calls on the SEIU to drop its opposition to the counting of the ballots so the adjuncts’ voice may be heard. As stated in a recent submission to the NLRB Regional Director on February 26, the University asked that it reconsider its support of the SEIU’s request to impound the ballots:

“Casehandling Manual Section 11721.5(c) grants the region ample discretion to “Conduct the election, issue the tally of ballots and, in the absence of objections, issue a certification; and then proceed to investigate the charge.” Since the ballots are already in hand, counting them now makes prudent use of the parties’ time and resources, while best ensuring the voting unit is heard in short time. The University requests that the ballots be counted forthwith, after which, if necessary, the Region can address the pending unfair labor practice charges.”

Click here to read the full letter to Acting Regional Director Bruce Hill sent on February 26, 2014.