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University Urges NLRB to Count Ballots

Posted: 3/3/2014 8:09:00 PM

March 3, 2013 - The University last week filed a request with the Director of Region 21 of the NLRB asking that the ballots be counted while the union’s unfair labor practice charges are investigated. The University continues to maintain that the union’s allegations are without merit and should not be allowed to delay the vote count. The University believes that the ballots should be counted as soon as possible; however, the decision lies with the Board.

In the letter sent to Acting Regional Director Hill on Wednesday, February 26, the University respectfully asked the Region to reconsider its decision to impound the ballots and thus clear the way for them to be counted. The University firmly believes that any delay in counting the ballots is to no one’s benefit—not the union’s, not the University’s, nor, most importantly, the adjunct faculty who took the time to vote.

Click here to read the letter to Acting Regional Director Hill.

As always, we are committed to providing you with relevant and timely information.  The University’s February 26, 2014 motion, and many other filings and communications with the NLRB, can be found at

The University is strongly aligned with the adjunct faculty in its desire to determine the outcome of this election